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Friday, June 30, 2006

Window XP Tips Menu

1. How To Make Your Window XP Start More Faster.
2. How To Watch Star Wars Inside Your Window-Run.
3. How To Quickly Uninstall MS Messenger.
4. How To Disable Error Reporting
5. How To Find Your IP Address
6. How To Disable Balloons
7. How To Make Your Window XP Start More Faster 2
8. How To Set Auto-Shutdown For Your Window
9. How To Lock Your Desktop
10. How To Change Your Window Maximize and Minimize Speed
11. How To Change Your Start Menu Speed
12. How to Create a Password Recovery Disk
13. How To Defragment Your Hard Drive
14. How to Using Window Run Commands
15. How to print part of a document/web page
How To Making your web browser more accessible
17. How to change the font size in my browser
18. How to Changing Drive Letters
19. How to delete an undeletable file
20. How to Delete System Restore Points
21. How To Detecting programs with hidden Internet Access
22. How To Adjust Time Outs
23. How To Export a registry key to a 'Hive File'
24. How To Uninstall Programs manually if not appearing in Add/Remove
25. How To Use Device Manager to verify hardware is installed OK
26. How To Hide Picture Toolbar in Internet Explorer
27. How To System File Checker
28. How To Stop Runtime Errors Appearing in IE
29. XP Pro or Home which is right for you?
30. How To See Properties of More than One Drive

31. How to Snap to Address Bar
32. How To Hack the Registry and rename your 'Recycle Bin'
33. How To Avoid logging-in to XP every time